FaZe Clan’s Jarvis Slammed With Life-Time Ban On Fortnite After Using Aimbot

FaZe Clan pro, Jarvis, gets permanently banned from Fortnite by Epic for using aimbot.

Jarvis ‘Jarvis’ Kaye an English Fortnite streamer and professional player for FaZe Clan was permanently banned in Fortnite on November 3, for using aimbot, a third-party software used to enhance your shooting skills.

While the streamer was using an alternate account and wasn’t in any competitive game when he used aimbot he received a permanent ban from epic barring him from all future tournaments, ending his Fortnite career.

Jarvis who has 600,000 followers on Twitch and 2 million subscribers on YouTube, tweeted out an apology and owning up to his mistake. “I’m going to take accountability for my actions and I understand completely why this has happened, I just wish I had known how severe the consequences were at the time and I would have never thought about doing it. I love all of you who still support me, this is not the end.”

The 17-year-old who started streaming the game back in 2017 when it first came out uploaded a tearful video explaining the reasons behind his decision to use aimbot.

“All I was thinking about whilst I was making those videos was just how entertaining and interesting these videos would be for you guys to watch.”

“It didn’t even cross my mind to think that I could be banned for life from Fortnite from those videos. I just want to be clear that this is the first time that I have ever done anything like this and of course I have never done this in a competitive game mode at all.”

The streamer added: “Epic Games you know I know how big of a mistake I’ve made and I’m truly like so sorry. Epic, I know I have to take accountability for my actions and I’m going to do my best to accept any punishment that comes my way.”

Even Jarvis brother Kay came to his rescue as well other streamers and content creators: “I can’t put into words how upset Jarvis has been this week… please take your time to watch this video and share it.”

The ban has caused the gaming community to divide, with fans rushing to Jarvis’ defense. Fans have started to tweet #FreeJarvis which is currently trending on Twitter.

The issue that fans and other players have is that Xxif and Ronaldo were caught cheating by teaming up during a Fortnite tournament qualifier, but only received a ban of two weeks. Leaving fans furious over the unjust treatment Jarvis has gotten by Epic Games.

At this time it is unclear whether Epic Games with reduce the ban period or stick to the lifetime ban.

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