Economics Graduate Rejected Job At J.P Morgan To Become Influencer

Russian-Swiss entrepreneur Xenia Tchoumi talks about building her own business after rejecting a job at banking firm J.P Morgan.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva, professionally known as Xenia Tchoumi is a Swiss-Italian influencer who is model, actress, blogger and entrepreneur.

In a recent interview with LADbible, Xenia was informed when people hear the word ‘influencer’ they think of someone who is shallow-minded, dim and blank.

The 32-year-old believed that generalizing like this was wrong. “There’s a huge pool of people, with completely different aptitudes and talents and they are all called influencers.”

She continued, “Whoever has an online platform with followers is considered an influencer, yet the nuances are infinite. They can be dim and shallow of course, or they can be hard working mini power-houses and intelligent entrepreneurs.”

Xenia, who was born in Russia before she moved to Switzerland can speak six languages – Italian, Russian, English, German, Spanish and French. After graduating in economics, she worked as an intern at J.P Morgan, and was offered a permanent position at the firm, which Xenia declined to run her own business and become an influencer.

Since starting her career as an influencer, Tchoumi has launched her own magazine, she has given three motivational TEDx talks, has garnered 1.6 million followers on Instagram and walked at the Paris Fashion Week.

When asked what she most enjoys about her job, the self-made entrepreneur replied: “The freedom to work at any hour or day of the week, the constant connection to a community and the responsibility of having a voice that can be heard, or read, at any moment that you decide. As well as the empowerment in dealing and negotiating with big brands and professionals of the sector.”

“You are completely unlinked from the traditional form of media, which means you have your own audience and your own voice at all times. It gives you a lot of freedom, as you are your own brand and business too.”

With all the success the model has achieved she urged younger people to pursue a career in this field, as long they have the right motivations and goals in mind. She said anyone looking to become influencer should have a passion for something that they can share with their followers, like cooking, sports, fashion, beauty, etc.

The model ended the interview by saying: “If you have a message you believe in, like mine on individual empowerment, please, by all means, spread it and repeat it to your audience as much as you can.”

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