Dry Ice for ‘Show’ Killed 3 at Russian Instagram Influencer’s Birthday Party

Improper use of dry ice in Russian influencer’s birthday party led to three deaths and several injuries.

Influencers are always looking for opportunities to create amazing visual content, and attempt different, often dangerous ideas, to make the next big viral post. One such idea backfired at a Russian Instagram influencer’s birthday party when her husband decided to dump dry ice into a swimming pool to create a steam cloud effect.

According to the Moscow Times, Ekaterina Didenko, an Instagram influencer, was celebrating her birthday party, for which her husband, Valentin Didenko decided to use around 30KG of dry ice for dramatic visual effect.

Dry ice is essentially frozen carbon dioxide, which is harmful in high concentrations, especially when mixed with water. Even though dry ice is used by photographers and filmmakers for special effects, it is handled by qualified professionals taking precautionary measures.

Unfortunately, when a large amount of dry ice was thrown into the pool, not only did the percentage of carbon dioxide reached dangerous levels, people who jumped into the water also suffered from chemical burns.

Two victims died at the scene, while Ekaterina’s husband, Valentin Didenko died in the hospital. The influencer has since posted a tribute to her husband.

While Instagram is a great channel for visual content, the increasing competition pushes influencers towards dangerous activities. If you intend to use dry ice for any of your events, it is highly advised to consult and seek professional handlers.

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