Distanced from Beauty Professionals, Fashion Influencers Offer a Glimpse into Their Real Lives

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the social media space, with influencers rethinking their curated aesthetics and becoming more personal with their followers.

There have been many threads to the conversation of how the social media space has been reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been looking into influencers using their networks to bring attention to public and personal health efforts, while also showing how they optimize the time spent isolated at home. Some online personalities with big audiences have been slammed for insensitive content during the coronavirus outbreak.

The uncertainty surrounding the situation and its impact on the business has also been discussed by market watchers. Another aspect of the coronavirus quarantine, which reflects on social media is the temporary closure of all beauty shops. As hairstylists, makeup and nail artists, photographers, and other professionals are not serving clients in order to help prevent further spread of the disease, influencers are forced to rethink their curated aesthetics and ultimately reveal the reality behind the glamour of their images.

We’ve all seen some of the series of “Instagram versus Reality” photos, now we can see this duality turning into a trend in a natural way. New York-based influencer Elizabeth Savetsky is one of the examples demonstrating it. Up until now, the founder of the fashion and accessories blog, has kept her feed intact, showing her wearing enviable outfits with perfectly-done hair and make up, often shot by a professional photographer. Stuck at home due to social distancing, with no access to such services and social events canceled, Savetsky is dressing up for no one other than her family, and her latest posts are starting to reflect this new day-to-day reality.

Last week, Savetsky posted a picture of herself with minimal makeup, natural, wavy hair. Maybe she still doesn’t feel fully comfortable being so personal with her 162,000 followers, as the selfie was later deleted. However, we can see that the fashionista’s content is shifting towards a deeper meaning, revealing more of her personality. For instance, Savetsky surprised her audience with a talent they didn’t know she had. The influencer recorded herself singing and the short video generated a positive reaction and high engagement.

Commenting on the new trend, Savetsky told the Verge in a recent publication: “We’re in a serious time and it’s creating serious conversation. I see a lot of my influencer friends going deeper than they usually would and posting different kinds of content. It’s going to change the industry for the better and make it less-curated and make it more relationship-based with influencer to follower.”

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