Czech Influencer Couple Slammed for Inappropriate Behavior at Bali Temple

A Czech influencer couple has come under fire for desecrating a Hindu temple in Bali.

Instagram users have criticized the actions of Sabina Dolezalova and Zdenek Slouka, describing them as “unacceptable,” “disgusting,” and “insulting to Indonesia.” The Czech influencers sparked this outrage after posting a video that shows the pair in the woods of the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in the Padangtegal village. At one point, the footage reveals Dolezalova bending over, pulling up her skirt, and getting her private parts splashed by Slouka with water from the 15th-century temple.

Some people have even called for the couple to be “blacklisted” by Bali.

The Insta story was subsequently deleted but not before reaching Balinese senator Arya Wedakarna, who reposted the video on Saturday.

He accused the fitness influencers of “harassing” the temple and shared plans to summon the couple. Dolezalova responded in a comment that they did not know the water was holy. She added, “…we didn’t really wash it [Dolezalova’s backside], I had underwear of course.”

The couple, which has a combined following of 88,500, apologized officially the next day in an Instagram video, also reposted by Wedakarna.

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Admin baru saja menerima lsg video @sabina_dolezalova_ifbb dari bule yang viral yg diduga melecehkan Pura yg disebut sebut sebagai Pura di Kawasan Monkey Forest Ubud Gianyar. Senator AWK, telah menyampaikan pesan dan nasihat ke orang asing tersebut untuk membuat upacara Guru Piduka yang melibatkan pengempon pura dan warga adat dgn biaya ug dibebankan kepada mereka. Terkait masalah hukum hanya bisa diproses jika ada semeton Bali yg melaporkan ke aparat atau inisiatif dr pihak aparat untuk memproses hal ini. Senator AWK berencana akan memanggil dua Bule Tersebut segera. Demikian update berita ini ? ( admin ) @jokowi @aryawedakarna #wedakarna #awkbali #baliberdaulat #dpdri #mprri #satyagrahabali #hindu #purabali

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“We dishonored the holy temple and holy water in Ubud, and we didn’t know it. So we are so sorry about it, what happened, and apologize to you,” Slouka said.

“We are so truly sorry, and we hope you gonna forgive us. Now we are just finding what we can do to fix it,” Dolezalova added.

However, some viewers were skeptical about the couple’s sincerity, arguing that they appeared to be aware of the sacred status of the place.

“In the video, your friend that was holding the camera clearly was telling you that it is a holy water in your language. Don’t act stupid. You apologized just because you got caught. You should be banned from coming to this country #cancelled,” one Instagram comment read.

Dolezalova’s manager, Daniel Simkovic, told Czech news outlet Sezman that the situation had been resolved, and “Sabina and her friends are continuing on holiday as planned.” When pressed for details, Simkovic revealed that a voluntary contribution was proposed to the Padangtegal village. “Whatever amount Sabina and her friends give, it is up to them and purely voluntary,” the manager added.

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