Cristiano Ronaldo Earns More from Instagram than His Football Career, Study Finds

Ronaldo’s football career may net him worldwide fame, but his Instagram following provides more significant monetary value.

A study by Hopper HQ reveals that Cristiano Ronaldo is not only the highest earner on Instagram, but also surpasses his earnings as a footballer in the platform, Business Insider España reports.

After analyzing the 49 disclosed sponsored posts that Ronaldo made on his profile, his earnings reach a total of $47.8 million from being an influencer alone. This figure contrasts heavily with hits football career, as his last signing with Juventus in 2018 reveals a $33.42 million (30 million EUR) annual wage.

“Cristiano is the most followed human being on Instagram, with over 186 million followers, so companies are paying nearly a million dollars for each promotional post just to access his incredible reach. Because of his status as a celebrity and world-class football star, his Instagram income is far from the typical collaborations of other influencers, as many of his sponsored posts are part of broader sponsorship agreements like Nike,” Nicola Cronin, marketing executive from Hopper HQ, said to Business Insider.

The Portuguese footballer achieved his fame by being one of the strongest athletes in the sport’s history. Last Monday, Ronaldo celebrated his 700th professional goal helping his country qualify for the 2020 Euro championship.

The magnitude of his presence on Instagram, however, overshadows the fact that he’s a signed player of Juventus, a football club that has been a home for superstars like Gerd Muller and Pelé.

Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t the only footballer making it big on Instagram. According to Hopper HQ’s study, Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi is the next highest earner at $23.3 million in assessed income from the platform.

Of the top 5 earners in the platform, three of them are footballers, the third of which is David Beckham. The only two non-football celebrities that reach above $5 million in Instagram income are Kendall Jenner of Kardashian fame and Selena Gomez.

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