Consulting Firm Offers Shot at Instagram Fame to One Lucky Dog

A consulting firm in Arizona is running a nationwide search to find the lucky pup that will get its own brand built on social media.

Serendipit Consulting is accepting applications for a contest that will see one dog win a pet influencer package. The Phoenix-based company will offer a workshop, brand positioning, tagline, social media handles, a custom logo, and a social media strategy.

Melissa DiGianfilippo, PR president at Serendipit Consulting, said that social media influencers have become the way to advertise. People connect with people, and if you are promoting a product, your chances of success improve substantially because it feels more authentic to buy a product thus advertised. The same goes for dogs, she added, pointing to the rising number of dog influencers.

“Truly, people are looking for cute fun content on Instagram to break away from the chaos of their day, and you can follow a cute dog, and they’re posing and wearing fun gear, they definitely can turn it into a business as well,” DiGianfilippo said.

An account with anything from 2,000 to 10,000 followers could be considered a popular dog profile with micro-influencer characteristics.

“You certainly can cash in and get at least free swag for dogs through pet organizations if you have a smaller follower base, and as you get bigger, people will reach out to you. They’ll find you,” DiGianfilippo explained.

Canine social media star Jiffpom has a massive 9 million followers. The account has multiple sponsored posts, with some raking in a whopping $150,000 from high-end sponsorships.

Most dogs are unlikely to achieve that kind of fame, but DiGianfilippo shared some helpful tips to push people in the right direction so that their dogs stand a chance of becoming Instagram Dog Star. The list includes:

  1. Posting at least once a day;
  2. Taking high-quality pictures with good lighting;
  3. Bringing something fresh and unique to keep followers interested.

DiGianfilippo described her company’s offer as a great opportunity. People who have dogs and find it fun to create content revolving around their pets should give it a shot. Sharing their content might end up earning them some extra cash or free dog products.

Serendipit Consulting will hold a public vote after narrowing the list down to 10 dogs.

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