British Model Madalyn Davis Dies Taking Selfie for Instagram Followers

Model who was having the time of her life tragically fell off a cliff to her death while taking a selfie for Instagram.

Madalyn Davis posted her last picture two days before her death at the city’s acclaimed Bondi Beach with her friends, not far away from Sydney’s Diamond Bay cliffs, where the young model lost her life trying to get the perfect selfie with the Sunrise and Pacific Ocean behind her.

Originally from Lincoln in England, Madalyn Davis had been traveling to Thailand, Bali and then Australia where she was accompanied by her friends. The Instagram influencer with over 20k followers was believed to be having the time of her life in Australia, supporting herself via her styling videos and modeling.

Enjoying her life to the fullest, she was seen at a party with her friends before they took off to the popular tourist spot which offers a sweeping view of the Ocean.

According to her friends, she was at the cliffs and climbed over the fence to sit on the edge, where she tragically lost her grip and fell to her death on Sunday, around 6:30AM.

Officers from Eastern Suburbs Police Area, Fire & Rescue NSW, and NSW Ambulance paramedics all responded to an emergency call by her friends after they regrouped and couldn’t find her anywhere.

Authorities found and retrieved her body out of the waters 4 hours later and her family was informed. Many friends and family members, both from England and Australia shared their condolences on social media as the news of her death unrolled.

“I really don’t know how to process this Maddie, last time we saw each other was three years ago and now you are gone.

“Such a beautiful soul, you just loved living life to the fullest, you were one of the nicest people, the most beautiful! you’ll be missed so much, you really were taken too soon.”

“I hope all the koalas and kangaroos are looking after you.”

With kind words, there were also harsh remarks about her disregard for the fence and warning signs, all for a picture which led to the fatal accident.

Someone commented, “Someone going to post the selfie she died taking? Hope it was worth it.”

Another person followed up with, “I’m wondering, did they ever recover the selfie picture you took?”

Shortly afterward her mother Rebecca Smith made a statement requesting everyone to refrain from such harsh and unkind words and that a mistake from her daughter does not mean she deserved to die.

She posted on Facebook, “Can we please ask at this most difficult time and in our deepest grief that all speculation and character assassinations cease, if not for us as her mum and dad then for Madalyn’s little brother and sister who are hardly able to process this awful loss.

We hope this is a pain that nobody else has to ever endure. Being able to read messages of support has given us so much strength, and we want to thank you for these kind words.

Sadly, we have also had to read some abhorrent comments and vile opinions on Madalyn’s Instagram profile. We cannot comprehend how at such a traumatic time, a select few can be so heartless and target the most vulnerable suffering such acute emotional pain.”

Mayor Paula Masselos is taking the news as a priority due to the increasing frequency of such incidents. Security, CCTV coverage, and warning signs have been increased following such mishaps but further ways to improve public safety are being discussed.

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