British Instagram Influencer Ends Up in Filthy Thai Prison over Passport Issue

A British Instagram influencer says she spent a day in a cockroach-infested Thailand prison for missing two pages in her passport.

Lacey Montgomery-Henderson, a Scottish model and Instagram influencer with about 283,000 followers, was stopped by officials at Bangkok, Thailand airport for missing pages in her passport, the Scottish Sun reported. Upon her arrival, the 28-year-old Glaswegian was detained and locked up.

Montgomery-Henderson flew from London to Bangkok for a 10-day work trip alongside other models and bloggers. She explained to the airport officials that the missing pages were the result of a liquid spill that happened years ago, but they kept repeating they could not accept her passport. The Instagrammer also claimed the officials took her into custody, telling her to “shut up and sit down.”  She was then locked up in a stinky 12-bed cell with other women, the Scottish Sun said, citing a deleted Instagram post.

“I feel responsible to make sure no one else ends up in a situation like that. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, they treat you like animals, and it’s an experience I won’t forget quickly,” Montgomery-Henderson said.

She was released on Wednesday taken back to the UK by British Airways staff. At Heathrow Airport, she was greeted by family and friends holding balloons to celebrate her safe return.

Her most recent post on Instagram read:

“Here’s me before I was banged up abroad. In case anyone’s wondering, I’m currently taking a course in how to make a shank and say, ‘No, thank you, I have an STI’ in Thai.”

The model claims she has used the same passport for traveling in the past to countries like the US and Spain without facing any issues related to the missing pages.

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