Belle Delphine Returns with Mugshot, Claims She was Arrested

Bathwater girl Bell Delphine resurfaces to social media with a mugshot, claiming she was arrested for getting her hamster back.

Mary-Belle Kirschner or better known as, Belle Delphine, broke her social media silence on October 7 after a two-month break, with a mugshot, claiming she was arrested by the police.

The cosplay model who became famous for selling her bathwater for $30 a jar, took to Twitter to share a picture of her mugshot with the caption: “I got arrested lol”. Revealing the reasons behind her disappearance from Twitter and Patreon.

The 19-year-old posted another tweet on October 7: “I stg this girl came to my party and stole my hamster. I have no idea why, or who tf does that? I spray painted the fucc out of her car and got arrested, at least I got my hamster back. bitch”.

The images seem to confirm Belle’s side of the story, with the thief’s car vandalized with the words “B*tch give me my hamster back”. The images also include a picture of the conversation between someone and the alleged hamster thief.

Belle’s post comes just days after Ethan ‘h3h3’ Klein’s podcast where he shared his thoughts on where he thought Belle Delphine and proposed a wild theory that she might have gotten into legal trouble for shipping bathwater.

“She hit the jackpot. The Late Night guys, Howard Stern. It was the buzz everywhere. So all of the sudden the UK government’s like you’re selling what in the mail like the Royal Mail?”

Klein even replied to Belle’s tweet saying: “Great job Belle, keep it up. Proud of you”. The comment left people to speculate whether h3h3 and Belle Delphine are working together and if the arrest is real or just a ruse to help Belle jump start her Influencer career again.

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