Australian YouTuber Hit With $500K Lawsuit By Politician For Defamation

Jordan ‘FriendlyJordies’ Shanks, a YouTube influencer, was sued for $500K by Clive Palmer an Australian politician for insulting him in one of his comedy videos.

Jordan Shanks a famous YouTube Australian comedian with over 300,000 subscribers is being sued for $500K by Australian federal member of parliament, Clive Palmer, for defamation over a video he made at the start of this year.

Jordan labeled the former federal member of parliament a ‘fatty mcf**khead’, ‘dense humpty dumpty’, ‘nutty turd’ and more in a series of videos he made during the Australian election this year. All the insults were listed as defamation in a letter he received from Clive Palmer’s lawyer.

In a recent video, he uploaded on his YouTube channel titled ‘fatty’ Shanks told fans that he was being sued by Palmer for hurting his national reputation by calling him a ‘fatty mcf**khead’ and he believed that was not true.

“You do realize for a defamation allegation to be successful it has to be proven that I have lowered your standings in the eyes of the public, right?” said FriendlyJordies.

In the 26-minute video, Jordan also made fun of himself by pointing out how he was a YouTuber and a young adult and had very little money to his name, while also blaming Palmer’s past political decisions.

“I’m a millennial, going bankrupt doesn’t scare me. I don’t have a house, thanks to your four decade long support of the coalition. You took anything of value away from me before I was even born.”

Shanks, who is also a stand-up comedian solidified his stance against Clive being fat by recently dropping a clothing line with the trademark ‘Clive Palmer Is A Fatty McF**khead’. With the t-shirts available in both censored and uncensored versions.

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