Australian Student Influencer Tia Christofi Reportedly Making a Fortune

18-year-old Australian influencer Tia Christofi is making a fortune from her booming social media influencer career, earning more than AUD 73,000 (£40,000) a year from brand collaborations.

A fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast, Tia has amassed a significant fanbase on all major social media channels, boasting 106,000 followers on Instagram and 3,300 subscribers on YouTube. She has signed partnership deals with several sports apparel companies, which pay her up to AUD 450 (£246) per sponsored post. The teenager with Greek-Australian heritage still claims that she is being selective with who and what she represents.

“I want my followers to know that I promote products that I actually like and believe in,” Tia was quoted as saying.

Tia’s social media presence dates back to 2015 when she started posting pictures to keep her friends updated with her trip to Europe. Later, the teenager began sharing photos and videos of herself working out and showing off her cheerleading skills and outfits.

“I set up my Instagram when I was 14, I was overseas and wanted to post my Europe photos,” Tia has told the Mirror. “People knew I was in school and I had a passion for fitness, food and loved to travel. My followers ask questions from what hotels I stay at, to what the best booty exercise is…”

Asked how she is juggling between her student life and influencer career, Tia revealed that she tries to utilize her time at school, including the spare classes, so she can stick with her exercise routine and stay active on the social media.

Just like online, in real life Tia also faces negativity, however. She recalls times when she has been ridiculed by classmates, but thanks to the support of her teachers and her own confidence, the bullies have never affected her.

Giving advice to others inspired to pursue an influencer career, Tia said: “Post what you’re passionate about and don’t care what anyone thinks of you. Be true to yourself.”

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