What is the Best Time for Posting on Instagram?

Sometimes, the time at which you post something can make a huge difference in how wide it spreads on Instagram.

If you keep posting content that has the story of a lifetime and continue to lack engagement, it may actually be down to the fact that you posted on Instagram at the wrong hours.

A data analysis conducted by Sprout Social shows that Instagram accounts receive the most engagement through the week, generally in the later morning and early afternoon hours. According to the social media management provider, the best times to post content on Instagram are on Wednesdays at 11 AM.

However, limiting yourself to one day of the week won’t build up that sweet, sweet engagement over time. For this, you have to post a bit more frequently.

“While Instagram engagement peaks mid-day and mid-week, similar to the other major social networks, there are a few opportune windows found in the evening and morning during the middle of the week. While the safest times to post are still during those core weekday times, it could be well worth it for certain brand niches to consider if your audiences are among those reaching for the ‘gram first thing in the morning or last thing before sleeping,” Sprout Social shared in a blog.

Conclusions drawn from Sprout Social’s analysis show that the most consistent engagement comes from posts made from Tuesday through Friday, between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM. This coincides with the moment that people finish their morning routines, are at work and get close to finishing the workday.

These also are the hours in which people are also more likely to give their smartphones a quick glance, probably checking Instagram between other notifications.

Incidentally, some days to avoid would be Saturday and Sunday, when people are likely to be doing other activities that keep them away from their mobile devices. Sunday, in particular, is the worst day to try to engage people.

However, if you want to do some weekend posting, the hours just after 9 AM and before noon will squeeze you at least some of your engagement.

“Similar to Facebook’s 2018 focus on a more authentic and personal-feeling social experience, the Instagram algorithm in 2019 prioritizes certain posts algorithmically in a user’s feed, marking a change from the previous reverse chronological order,” the company added.

This makes it more important than ever to consider very carefully all the elements that go into a post to ensure that it catches people’s attention. Among these, posting at the right time is probably one of the most important.

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