How Instagram Hashtags Help Content Discovery, Increase Engagement and Grow Your Account

Instagram hashtags can help you gain more followers and increase engagement. In this guide, we explain how.

Instagram hashtags are a word or series of words that start with the hash symbol and are used in Instagram posts and comments. The aim of these hashtags is to allow Instagram to organize user-generated content for easier access and discovery.

If you use social media platforms you must have already seen multiple hashtags by now and understand how they work and help content discovery.

How do Instagram hashtags help?

Instagram hashtags essentially help content discovery by ‘tagging’ your content. Users who are interested in your particular industry/niche are likely to search for hashtags that are related to them. Using the right hashtag to target your niche can give your potential consumers a chance to access your content.

This increases engagement and the overall outreach of your content. With more people being able to access it, there is a higher chance of your overall content likes and followers increasing.

Not only does your overall brand following increase with the help of hashtags, but you can also make more sales by using them for your business if you find a hashtag that is on the top for your niche. Using niche-specific hashtags allows your content to be disseminated to more relevant individuals who would be more be interested in buying your product/service.

The best Instagram hashtags

So now that you know why hashtags are essential for the success of any Instagram account, how do you find the best hashtag for your business?

Taking time out and researching the best hashtags for your product/service niche is absolutely essential. Using hashtags that are popular and are backed with data can take your content posts to the next level.

Finding the right hashtag is not as simple as using the most popular hashtag, however, you need to proactively see which hashtags are beneficial for your audience. Picking the right hashtag with a lower reach that targets the ‘right’ audience in your niche might be better than using a widely popular hashtag.

Here are some tips on how you can find relevant hashtags for your business

  1. Know your audience

Using random Instagram hashtags doesn’t make sense, and at the end of the day, they won’t bring you much success. Conversely, what you should strive for is to find out what your target audience is interested in and is searching about. Finding hashtags that your audience is actually searching for is key in generating success on Instagram.

  1. Look at your competition

Have a look at the type of hashtags used by competitors offering the same product or service like yours. Especially study brands bigger than yours, because they have probably put in the time and effort to research relevant hashtags for your target audience.

  1. Learn about influencers

Looking up the top Instagram influencers that are relevant to your brand is another great way to find out about good and effective hashtags. By analyzing their hashtags, you can find out about the user engagement they are getting from their hashtags and whether using these hashtags can help your content.

  1. Use Hashtag Tools

They are a large number of tools and software available that allow you to cut short your search for Instagram hashtags and find relevant hashtags for your brand automatically.

Let’s talk about some of the more famous Hashtag tools out there and how they work!

TagBlender: This tool generates Instagram hashtags you can use to boost your engagement and exposure. The application allows you to generate hashtags from different categories such as ‘Art’, ‘Travel’ and ‘Fashion’. The tool is simple and convenient to use, and the best part is that it’s absolutely free.

HashtagsForLikers: HashTagsForLikes is one of the best tools to generate Instagram hashtags for e-commerce brands. It has a clean and easy user interface and you can through the application to source the best Instagram hashtags for your business niche in a matter of minutes.

InstagramTags: This tool allows Instagram marketers to go through ready-made sets of common hashtags. Hashtags pertaining to a variety of different industries can be found using this application. It is a great tool to increase your overall Instagram reach.

Seekmetrics: This analytical tool provides uses to see how you are doing against your competitors. The hashtag generating tool utilizes the Instagram API to shortlist the best hashtags. Through the tool, you can find multiple hashtags that suit your business niche by entering in a single reference point.

All Hashtag: All Hashtag enables users to create and analyze the most trending hashtags in their industry. You can simply copy and paste this list of trending Hashtags on your content posts. This tool curates’ results based on a selected keyword and also allows users to use 3 different filters to further refine what they are looking for.

While hashtags generators are there in aiding the process, they are no substitute for doing your market research and coming up with your own hashtags tailor-made for your audiences.

How many hashtags can you add to your post?

Unfortunately, Instagram restricts users to a hashtag limit of 30 per post. When you’re adding your hashtags to your content posts it is critical that you have this limit in mind, because you need to ensure that you use hashtags that have the maximum reach for your niche. This limitation is in place because it helps Instagram avoid spam on the platform and remain relevant.

You need to put in a proactive effort when determining which hashtags to post if you have been using free hashtag generators (you’re likely to have a list larger than 30). Shortlisting the best hashtags out of these is key for your brand’s growth.


Hashtags are essential for content discovery and promotion and are particularly helpful for new Instagram accounts with smaller followings. However, this doesn’t mean you should use the most popular hashtags in all your content, or stuff all 30 in there since that would dilute your viewership. Ultimately, you need to find the best hashtags for your niche and then use them appropriately with your content, staying relevant.

This wraps up our guide on using Instagram hashtags, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop a line below!

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