Guide to the Best Instagram Image Sizes in 2019

Instagram offers some level of flexibility regarding how detailed images can be, affording you more ways to express yourself – in this guide, we explore the best Instagram image sizes.

Although the image-focused social network has made changes to allow for more detailed posts, there are some who might not be taking advantage of this.

For a modern Instagram profile to shine, it now needs to use all the tools it has at its disposal to attract new audiences (read our guide on choosing the best profile picture for Instagram). One of these tools is your image size and width.

As of today, Instagram accepts a large range of image sizes with widths and heights going up from 320 pixels to 1080. To explain how this works in more detail, Instagram has a more concise description in its help center:

“When you share a photo that has a width between 320 and 1080 pixels, we keep that photo at its original resolution as long as the photo’s aspect ratio is between 1.91:1 and 4:5… If the aspect ratio of your photo isn’t supported, it will be cropped to fit a supported ratio. If you share a photo at a lower resolution, we enlarge it to a width of 320 pixels.”

This change was made to enhance the experience of its mobile users, as smartphones began raising resolution standards. The aspect ratio limitations mean that any image may be between 566 and 1350 pixels in height and support a width of up to 1080 pixels.

Though most people have found that it’s simpler to just post square images that get scaled down to 1080×1080 pixels, the aspect ratios that Instagram supports allows people to get creative with landscape and portrait modes.

More recently, Instagram also included changes that allow users to crop their images into portrait or landscape mode. You can do this by selecting the crop icon when editing an image using the mobile app and pinching the screen to make adjustments.

By choosing the “Save Original Photos” option in the app’s settings, you also get the possibility of making future adjustments to previously uploaded photos without sacrificing any image quality.

What about Instagram Stories?

If you want to post the ideal Instagram Story, the rules are simpler: Just make sure that the image maintains a 9:16 aspect ratio. It’s basically a 1080p image rotated by 90 degrees.

This way, the image will take up an entire mobile screen, leaving you with an immense amount of real estate with which to make your presentation. Smaller images are fine as long as they maintain this ratio.

However, if you post images that do not conform to the 9:16 rule, they will be rescaled to fit and will leave some blank spaces around them.

When posting video, make sure your camera is set up to record in 1080p. If the resolution settings show a ratio, choose 16:9 and just film vertically.

As long as you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to make a better canvas out of your profile with which you can express yourself efficiently to your followers. They will appreciate having a professional-looking profile with proper images to browse through.

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