3 Ways to Post to Instagram from Your Desktop or Laptop (PC or Mac)

Although Instagram wants to direct more people towards its mobile app, there are ways around this that allow desktop and laptop (PC and Mac) users to interact with the platform.

For some reason, Instagram does not have the same flexibility for desktop/laptop users as other platforms like Facebook and Twitter do, effectively funneling its userbase into its mobile app. While this may seem counterintuitive, Instagram doesn’t seem to take a hit out of this decision.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who would like to do more from their desktop systems. For one, it’s easier for professionals who use their desktops (PCs and Macs) to polish images after a shoot to upload directly from the same system as opposed to taking the extra step of sending them to their mobile devices.

From the most convenient to most complex methods, here are some ways that people can use their desktop or laptop computers to post images to Instagram.

#1. Hopper HQ lets you even schedule your posts

Having difficulty posting at peak engagement hours for your audience? One elegant way to handle this is through Hopper HQ.

It’s a website that allows you to schedule your posts easily from any platform that can run a browser. Just click “Create Posts” and upload files from your device or a number of compatible cloud services including Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

Hopper HQ will let you know if your image proportions are not appropriate for Instagram and allow you to crop them. In addition to this, you get the ability to schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter.

Packages start at $16 per month for one account on each of the three platforms if paid annually, $19 per month if paid monthly.

#2. Deskgram just replicates Instagram on your desktop

If you’re not looking for a post scheduling app, Deskgram provides a platform that just “works”. It’s a desktop application that simply allows you to interact with Instagram as if though you were using your mobile.

With a $2.99 per month subscription, you get the ability to upload images and 60-second videos. Virtually everything doable on Instagram’s mobile app is provided by Deskgram.

The free version of the software may not allow post uploads, but interactions, like commenting and deleting posts, are still available.

#3. Bluestacks brings Instagram to desktops using emulation magic

Using a slightly more complex method, Bluestacks can let you interact with Instagram on your computer by bringing Android OS to it.

Essentially, rather than making a desktop app that is dedicated to posting to Instagram, Bluestacks emulates Android and lets you install a variety of apps that it uses. Among those is Instagram’s app.

This is especially useful if you want to use the mobile version of other platforms on your desktop, although you could just install Instagram on it. With just a Google account, you can interact with Instagram exactly the same way as you would on mobile.

Though the process is a tad more convoluted than other methods mentioned here, it doesn’t require monthly subscriptions and gives you the cleanest experience with the platform possible on a desktop computer.

These are the methods available to PC and Mac users who want to post on Instagram from their desktops and laptops. Please feel free to share any other methods you know or comment on the ones we listed.

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