3 Subtle Ways You can Grow Your Instagram Following

Aside from putting yourself out there, there are some inbound techniques you can use to make sure that your Instagram profile is as attractive as possible.

Although interacting with people on Instagram through likes and comments on their posts can get you pretty far in terms of a follower base, there are subtle ways to make this more effective. The more introverted part of marketing yourself involves polishing your profile and making choices that can strongly influence whether the average user will click the “follow” button or not.

Working on the profile above the fold

The first thing that every user sees when they visit your profile is its picture and a short description. These few seconds are crucial to begin the process of luring an individual to follow you.

To take full advantage of the space you’re given to express yourself here, make sure that your profile picture matches that of any other account you have. As for the description, you should make it as brief as possible, describing what you’re all about in a couple of succinct bullet points.

Feel free to use emojis to condense things further and provide visual cues. It’s a small canvas, but it’s crucial to give the best possible first impression in the first seven seconds someone visits your page.

Focus on themes with your image posts

The very next thing that appears to a visitor on your profile is a gallery of your latest posts. If they look at all disorderly and sprawled, it might put people off.

Instagram is a platform heavily focused on aesthetics, so make full use of it by making sure that your posts follow a similar theme. Whatever stylistic choices you made to one image should be applied to the next, and so on, and so forth.

A good example of this is @mytexashouse, an influencer who puts her house on display to show interesting decorating ideas. Her images tend to be crisp, high-quality presentations of parts of her house.

As can be seen in the screenshot above, not all the images have to fit the theme, but there has to be a clear theme that establishes the “look and feel” of your profile.

Make use of all the relevant tools at your disposal in each post

Each post you make on Instagram takes a certain amount of time from the moment you snap your camera until you post. Investing just a little bit more of that time to craft a productive and thoughtful post can allow you to extract a maximum amount of value.

Get in the habit of using several hashtags to help make your post more relevant. Geotagging your images will help get your image more attention, especially if it includes a place that’s very popular.

Your captions should show that you put thought into the story you want to tell with your post, giving your audience more context.

Most importantly, make sure that you post at a consistent schedule, preferably finding the right moment when you can acquire the most engagement.

If you continue along this path, you can grow an organic following over time. It requires a lot of work, patience, and the diligence to show that you actually care about the quality of content you’re putting out!

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