5 Pillars of Maybelline’s Influencer Marketing Success Story

Let us take a look at the key points behind Maybelline’s successful influencer marketing campaigns!

The beauty industry is increasingly leveraging social media for new product launches and high brand engagement. Maybelline New York is a brand harnessing the power of influencer marketing with several effective campaigns in the past couple of years. In fact, it’s safe to say that the L’Oréal-owned makeup brand is topping the game in this fast-evolving advertisement tactic. Let’s take a close-up look at Maybelline’s influencer marketing success story!

Diverse brand ambassador list

One of the main pillars of Maybelline’s influencer marketing strategy is using brand ambassadors who use their face and voice to inject the brand into the online dialogue.

Models Adriana Lima, Christy Turlington, and Gigi Hadid among others often post using the hashtag #maybellinegirls. Last year, the cosmetics giant also recruited celebrity makeup artists Jenna Kristina and Vincent Oquendo to its ambassador family.

But Maybelline has gone a step further than partnering with celebrities and their beauty gurus to advertise their products. Its campaigns also feature makeup bloggers and vloggers who create content related to beauty tips and tricks as well as beauty hauls. Their authenticity and credibility drive engagement across multiple channels.

In 2017, Maybelline teamed up with two online beauty stars — Manny Gutierrez (also known as Manny MUA) and Shayla Mitchell — to launch its Colossal Big Shot mascara. The video campaign, dubbed “Lash Like a Boss”, was a remarkable one as it was Maybelline’s first to enlist a male brand ambassador.

The pair’s collaboration with the company did not end with the “Lash Like a Boss” campaign. Manny MUA, who has 4.3 million Instagram followers and nearly 4.8 million YouTube subscribers, has frequently featured Maybelline products in his popular makeup tutorials. The influencer’s video titled “DRUGSTORE One Brand Tutorial – MAYBELLINE!” has generated 2.4 million views and is not the only one to reach over two million users.

The brand also further capitalized on Shayla Mitchell’s 2.8 million Instagram fans and 735,000 YouTube subscribers, teaming up with her for the launch of an eye-shadow palette and three colored mascaras — an extension of the Colossal Big Shot formula.

Clearly, Maybelline has done an excellent job in selecting online personalities to work with. Their images and content possess all characteristics necessary for success on the social media front. As part of the beauty industry, the influencers are knowledgeable and thus reflect awareness and insight into the cosmetics world. Maybelline’s online partners are also relatable and helpful, which creates openness between brand and consumer. Being articulate also helps them create visually-engaging video content, while their confidence arises positivity around purchase behavior.

Continual fans engagement

Along with new product launches, Maybelline is using social media to keep a baseline of fans engaged. Its #LoBorraTodo (#EraseItAll) campaign in 2018 reminded customers of the existence of the brand’s concealer that erases imperfections (hence the hashtag).

The campaign impacted almost two million people and had a 7% engagement rate. The most popular post was made by influencer Raquel Reitx, who uploaded two photos demonstrating the results before and after using the product, demonstrating the product’s effectiveness. The pictures generated almost 60,000 likes and a total engagement rate of 14.56%.

Creativity from influencers

Another proven tactic Maybelline is betting on is providing its influencer partners with creative freedom. According to a Crowdtap study, 77% of surveyed content creators cited creative freedom as the main reason for partnering with a brand, valued even more than competitive compensation (68%). When asked what creators like least about partnering with brands on sponsored content, nearly half said: “editorial guidelines that are too limiting or too strict.”

To promote their Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara, Maybelline provided influencers with complete creative freedom. So, some wrote blog posts, while others took to Instagram to promote the product and highlight its benefits. The campaign resulted in a 1.3 times increase in total brand media value, as the influencers’ content generated 73,700 views, 35.7 million impressions and 10,900 engagements on the blogs.

Platform-specific content

As well as diverse and creative, the content created by Maybelline’s brand ambassadors is also channel-specific. This approach allows the brand to tap into the benefits of different social media networks. For example, Pinterest is used to deliver makeup tips and tutorials with the brand’s ‘Get the Look’ feature proving popular. On YouTube, it takes a more entertaining approach, sharing trend alerts and makeup tutorials sorted in numerous playlists on the platform, including challenge-themed series with influencer NikkieTutorials, who has 13.2 million channel subscribers.

Everyday consumers also count

Last but not least, Maybelline also involves everyday consumers in its social media marketing strategy. As they don’t always have a large online audience, they may be considered micro- or even nano-influencers. By sending out free samples of its products to consumers, the brand encourages user-generated content in the form of product reviews for example. This proves Maybelline recognizes the power of everyday consumers in creating authentic content that represents the brand as accessible and affordable.

What do you think about Maybelline’s influencer marketing campaign strategies? If you’re interested in more, check out our section on influencer marketing case studies.

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