Top 10 Most Engaging and Inspiring Brands on Instagram

Some brands have managed to become highly successful on Instagram due to the manner in which they conduct themselves on the platform.

To help answer the question, “How does one become successful on Instagram?” it’s important to look at brands with various different niches and analyze how they were able to pull so much attention from their own customers than other brands that are perhaps bigger than theirs.

One of the most important steps to take on the road to building a successful social media profile is to analyze and imitate the success of others. Individuality and other tools used to help boost that work will do the rest.

Without further ado, here are some of the most creative brands on Instagram:

10: Oreo

The famous cookie maker has been a household name for a while, but Instagram users don’t really follow brands just because they’re popular. Oreo has nearly twice as many followers as Pizza Hut, boasting 2.6 million.

The company manages to engage with its users through the messaging in its posts and campaigns it does to promote limited edition products or a new line such as its Maple Creme cookies that it announced through the platform last week.

9: Lancome

With 3.6 million followers, Lancome may have a smaller audience than Loreal’s 6.7 million, but it garners far more engagement with the unique messaging it provides, with nearly twice as many comments on average in its posts. Rather than sticking to touting its products, the company also posts videos by individuals partnered with the company.

8: Lacoste

The clothing brand has aged better than many of its competitors, managing to attract a new generation of customers with different needs and wants with its positive messaging to its 4.2 million followers and even providing interesting stories that are relevant to them.

7: Airbnb

At 4.3 million followers, this new kid around the block is no slouch. Airbnb’s brilliant marketing strategy involves touting beautiful places available on its own platform, which draws strong engagement with customers as well as its hosts.

6: Converse

At 9.6 million followers, the old shoe company manages to attract a new crowd despite many changes in fashion taste through the decades with its up-front messaging and use of content created by its own customers.


With 9.4 million followers, the British online fashion retailer takes things a step further and speaks to the core of its primary demographic. It also recruits its own Instagram followers to represent its brand while maintaining its authenticity.

The engagement that ASOS drives on Instagram is a testament to the power of sensible messaging through market research. ASOS knows its follower base’s troubles and uses that to provide inspiration for them.

4: GoPro

Standing at a towering 15.6 million followers, GoPro is one of the most powerful brands on Instagram. The camera maker has easy picks for its content, as many Instagram users use its product to take their images.

Much of its demographic consists of adventurous people who enjoy filming their experiences, so there’s a lot of synergy between the brand and its customer base who also happen to have active Instagram profiles. Without any hesitation, GoPro embraces all of it and just lets it run!

More importantly, in each of its posts, the customer is the protagonist rather than a marketing placeholder.

3: Sephora

Beauty product retailer Sephora has a whopping 18.3 million followers for a reason. Aside from touting its products and reviews, it also provides its audience with brilliant tutorials by experts who share their secrets to different style choices.

In various instances, the company also brings more engagement by providing expert commentary on things that its audience have asked about. A good example of this is Sephora’s “Concealer 101” tutorial posted about a week ago.

2: Starbucks

Sitting atop a mountain of 18.1 followers, Starbucks makes every single possible move to drive an incredible amount of engagement with everyone it can. The company collaborates with its audience and influencers, sharing their photography and giving them credit where it’s due.

This constant cycle starts a perfect storm that evolves into a snowball effect. For example, the last post by the company made 3 days ago already has gathered 386 thousand likes and 3,255 comments, an engagement rate that many other similarly-sized companies struggle to attain.

1: Nike

Nike is probably the most powerful corporate brand on Instagram, surpassed only by National Geographic and the platform itself with 91 million followers. Its messaging is emotionally powerful and hard-hitting, presenting inspiring stories by athletes using its product.

Because of how motivational the company’s messaging is, many people follow it simply for the stories they can read on its page. Nike’s strong rapport with its customers is probably why it is such a behemoth on Instagram.

The Takeaway

All of these brands have one thing in common despite approaching their marketing on Instagram from different perspectives: They all build rapport with their customers in one way or another.

They’re all able to find a unique way to build content or partnerships that provides a significant amount of engagement regardless of how many followers they have.

In addition to all of this, growing a strong and engaged audience on Instagram is much like nurturing a sapling into an oak tree. It requires an incredible amount of both patience and diligence.

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