To Quit or Not to Quit: When Should Influencers Consider Leaving their Day Jobs?

Exposing yourself to the risk of quitting your day job requires the right timing, as fashion influencer Aashna Shroff suggests.

Being an influencer as a full-time job may be the dream of many people, but it would probably be premature to quit one’s day job to attain success as an influencer. According to fashion influencer Aashna Shroff, the idea is actually the other way around.

“You shouldn’t quit your full-time job unless you have made a mark on your influencing platform enough that you can earn from it… My sundays used to be my shoot days. I used to travel two hours to a good location and create content for my entire week. That’s how you maintain the balance between your job and social media,” she told Entrepreneur.

While it could be argued that trying to build an audience through a blog and having a day job at the same time is an untenable strategy, putting all of your eggs into the Instagram basket with nothing to fall back on could hamper any future prospects.

Shroff’s model of fitting in time for Instagram while maintaining a day job guarantees that you will at least have something to look forward to if your dream of being an influencer doesn’t pan out.

Now at over 665 thousand followers, Aashna Shroff has attracted enough attention from brands that she can safely call it a day from her previous job without worrying about the future, dedicating more of her time to her influencer career and exponentially growing her follower base.

Her career isn’t all sunshine and butterflies, however, as she has to remain true to the niche that created the following she now has.

“For over five years, I’ve built an audience for fashion, beauty and travel. If I suddenly start fitness content, it won’t work for them,” Shroff added.

Once you’re raking in those influencer bucks, you may enjoy working for yourself, but you’re certainly not the boss of your operation. You will still have to cater to an audience you’ve worked hard to build and having that inflexibility is something to keep in mind.

Having a career built on Instagram is no different from any other career in this way. There’s work to do and people to please.

Having all of this in mind, if you plan to jumpstart an influencer career, you have to make sure that what you’re doing is something you have an actual passion for. To learn more, head over to our Influencer course section or share your comments and feedback below!

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