Influencer Retreats Bring the Best of Work and Pleasure Together

Influencer retreats are becoming more and more popular as companies and web celebs mix work and pleasure.

Influencer marketing is all set to continue growing, and one of the newest trends in the space is that of influencer retreats or trips planned by agencies managing influencers. Getting influencers together to create epic content is a major challenge for marketing agencies, brands, and sponsors, and planning influencer trips seems to be the way forward.

One such agency is PINKKISS, which manages a host of talent including professional models, and plans some of the best exotic trips around the world for its members.

With a dedicated agency like PINKKISS, models don’t just get to travel and have fun on vacations, but they are also accompanied by professionals and experts in makeup, styling, photography, and content, all of whom ensure that the models get top quality content which is then shared across multiple channels to boost their popularity.

When done properly, an influencer marketing agency can organize large trips in collaboration with sponsors and companies, and the end result is a win-win activity for all parties involved.

How can you get free influencer content trips?

Everyone should have the chance to travel the world, and fortunately for influencers, they can avail of such opportunities relatively easily. All you have to do is start by joining a talent agency like PINKKISS and then signing up for global shoots around the world. Availability from your end has to be open, and then it is all about being matched with the right opportunity.

It also helps to have a great rapport with your teammates and other members, since most such shoots are organized in groups.

Generally, models who are open, flexible and available for these trips are also paid better, since they get to participate in more campaigns and achieve more visibility, helping their career progress faster.

If you’re an influencer or a model and want to enjoy influencer retreats and content trips, get in touch with PINKKISS to learn more about available openings and opportunities.

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