Influencer Awards: How Recognition Can Help the Industry Grow?

Reputable influencer awards are key to growth in the space and the eradication of scam/fake influencers.

Influencer marketing is moving full-speed ahead, but like any other popular commercial activity, it is becoming fraught with fraud and fake influencers with bought followers and so on. While there are several tools and social media auditing services that provide better analytics, there is a need for formalization in the industry, which can be only be achieved via influencer awards and high-profile events – an initiative evident in the upcoming GURUS AWARDS.

Why influencer awards are needed by the industry?

The influencer marketing space has grown on the fringes, informally, with each influencer out there on his or her own. While it has been a test of creativity, persistence, and perseverance for most, the drawback has been lack of reputable channels for outreach and a general gap in understanding between a useful influencer and a fake one.

Influencer awards, such as GURUS AWARDS, can bring together industry experts from various niches, such as online marketing, growth hacking, social media advertising, and influencer marketing and allow them to share their experiences and also give their input on how they see the space progressing further.

Moreover, with the help of qualified judges, public voting and juries, influencer awards can recognize and reward leading influencers across numerous categories.

This recognition can help legitimate influencers come forward and prevent scammers from defrauding unsuspecting advertisers.

What is GURUS AWARDS planning next?

GURUS AWARDS aims to bring together the foremost experts, online celebrities, social media stars, growth hackers, influencers, educators, marketers, companies and service providers who have dedicated themselves to pushing the boundaries of communication and value-driven interactions while entertaining and educating millions along the way.

The first iteration, slated for March 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine, will identify the top nominees from companies and influencers across a variety of categories, including best software companies, best marketplaces, best agencies and web celebrities from arts, technology, sports, lifestyle, fitness and so on.

All nominees will be further shortlisted and ranked based on various factors, including technical analysis, expert judge scoring and public voting.

Winners will not only receive the GURUS AWARD but will also get extensive media coverage and a host of other prizes from our industry-leading sponsors.

The epic black-tie event will end with a night of dancing and music to truly make it memorable.

How to participate in GURUS influencer awards?

The GURUS AWARDS team is currently reaching out to influencers around the world, shortlisting nominees and confirming speakers and panelists. If you would like to participate or be considered for a nomination, please feel free to contact GURUS AWARDS with complete details.

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