Cyber Stars & Internet Celebrities are Gaining Massive Influence and Wealth

Web celebs have gained massive influence, often worth millions, but virtual influencers are rising!

Not long-ago movies, television, and magazines were the go-to platforms for individuals who wanted to succeed as entertainers. With the rise of social media, this has changed. With millions of individuals using social media platforms as their primary medium of entertainment cyber stars are all the rage these days – so much so that a majority of American youngsters want to become influencers.

These internet celebrities have through their hard work and dedication attained massive fan followings which keep up to date with these web celebrities on a regular basis.

Since most of these cyber stars command a huge following, their opinions and actions really matter. Where they live, what they think about different products and the political affiliations all come to play.

These internet stars not only make millions through their cyber profiles, but they also make headlines if they change allegiances or give a strong verdict regarding a particular matter. This can have a massive impact on the performance of different brands.

When Ninja, a popular Fortnight Twitch streamer changed his streaming platform to Mixer (owned by Microsoft) all the major news agencies covered the event. Twitch lost a large chunk of its audience and Microsoft paid approximately $15 million for the web celebs’ contract.

Lewis Hilsenteger another internet star who talks about tech items single-handedly started the infamous bend gate campaign against Apple products simply by a video on his YouTube channel showcasing how the iPhone 6 bends.

Similarly, the famous social media platform Snapchat lost $1.3 billion after a single Tweet by Kylie Jenner. The internet star mentioned how she didn’t like the platform anymore, and as soon as her Tweet went live investors quickly sold off Snapchat’s shares, plummeting its value.

Internet stars also frequently carry out fun event collaborations which are viewed by millions. Logan Paul’s fight with KSI gained not only massive traction by their followers but also led to full-fledged controversy as to who rightfully won.

Through their influence on Social Media, many of these internet stars have also gotten into various other entertainment industries such as Movies and Television. One example is Cameron Davis who recently secured his own reality TV show on Netflix.

This isn’t to say that it is all sunshine and rainbows for these Cyber Stars as they are also frequently criticized and micro-analyzed by people for their comments and actions. For instance, Logan Paul had to submit a public apology after the web celebrity put up a controversial video about deceased people.

It’s clear that these internet celebrities command a massive influence on people’s opinions and actions. Individuals follow them for their content and see many of these as role-models. Many look for them when it comes to fashion, technology or even real state advice.

This also means web celebrities have a responsibility towards their audiences, especially when it comes to ethics and promotional content/products, a topic that will be discussed at the upcoming Influencer Awards in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Social media has truly allowed the average individual to get a slice of the lucrative entertainment industry and make millions simply by providing good quality content. However, the trend of virtual influencers is emerging as a challenge to traditional web celebs, and it remains to be seen how they continue to remain relevant in an increasingly fast-moving, digital space.

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