5 Easy Tricks to Improve Your Instagram Stories

Make your Instagram Stories catchy with these 5 tricks!

Active Instagram users visit over 400 million stores on Instagram – no wonder brands are vying for eyeballs in an increasingly competitive space. To reach this goal, they have to produce bold, creative, and engaging content. In this post, we will show you 5 tricks on how to improve your Instagram stories for maximum attention.

Although there are many ways to create a quality story on Instagram, the platform has some hidden tools and tricks only a few know about.

  1. Create teasers

This is a straightforward and useful trick to upgrade your Story. After uploading a photo to Story, use the pen icon above to select a background color. Then press and hold your finger on the screen for 2 seconds until the screen is covered with the color of you’ve just selected. Then use the eraser tool to reveal parts of your photo and create a teaser!

  1. Take your color spectrum to a new level

Tired of Instagram’s default colors? Here’s the solution: tap and hold one of the default color options to reveal the secret color spectrum!

You can experiment with it and even choose colors that appear in the uploaded image. By long pressing the pen cursor, you can hover the picture with your finger until you find the color you like.

  1. Hide the hashtag

If you don’t want to ruin the story aesthetics with hashtags, use emoji and GIFs to hide them. Also, you can blend it with the background by making it the same color as the background of the image.

However, if you truncate the hashtags, Instagram search engines may not recognize them.

  1. Align your text

We have a cool tip for those of you who are annoyed that some fonts do allow left / right text alignment, like the modern and neon fonts. After writing a text, swipe left or right to change the text alignment!

  1. Add shadows

There is a neat way to make your text more appealing without external formatting tools. Once you have written your text, open another text box, and type the same text again in a different color. Then align the two texts. Combine them to create a beautiful shade design. This simple trick has a powerful effect!


With more and more posts being shared on Instagram every day, creating consistent, appealing content can be challenging for some. Use these simple tricks to make your Instagram stories more creative and stand out from the competition.

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