10 Web Celebrities Who Crossed The Line And Got Called Out For It

Here are 10 Influencers who took it too far, resulting in losing followers and being shamed for their actions.

Often web celebrities tend to go the extra mile to get a unique shot to stand out from other influencers. But it doesn’t always pay off – it can backfire and result in loss of followers, or worse, getting your account deleted.

Here is our list of 10 influencers who took it a step too far.

  1. Brittany Dawn

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this girl walked boldly through a season of loneliness with the Lord. it went like this: I prayed *on repeat* for God to put the right people in my life during 2019… and He started breaking my heart. in fact, at times, He shattered it. because when you ask God to move in your life: He. will. MOVE. sister. and He had to rip some fatal “live wires” out before He could plant the most beautiful, Jesus-pursuing, “heart on fire” individuals into it. sometimes loss is the way to gain. sometimes pain turns into purpose. sometimes loss brings clarity. sometimes heartbreak is His first step to healing. sometimes rejection is His protection. sometimes He uproots your own plans to show you the ones He is planting are far greater. and sometimes… God will ask you to release what you think you want the most in life. what you won’t see right away? that what He has waiting around the corner for you… is far more beautiful than what you could have ever imagined. faith in Christ requires faith in His timing. this caption is for anyone sitting in that boat tonight. you feel like you’re amidst a raging sea of losing friends, heartbreak, relationship struggles, loss of a baby, difficulty having a child, disease, sickness, anxiety, depression, loneliness, career struggles, and anything else. that pain you’re clinging to is going to be replaced with something so beautiful. let it go tonight sister, and let God make His move.

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Brittany Dawn an Instagram celebrity, based out of Texas, is a fitness influencer who is known for her Starbucks coffee, quotes about God and daily fitness/dieting tips and guides. The Instagrammer who has 484k followers and also has a YouTube channel was called out by her followers for not delivering on her promises.

They said they had paid $300 dollars for personal diet plans and online fitness sessions. After months of complaints Dawn finally sent the plans over which her followers said were not personalized at all.

The comments on her page regarding the fitness plans were deleted with her ignoring them. It was when a video of a man confronting her went viral that the influencer decided to respond. She uploaded a tearful video on YouTube apologizing to her followers, offering refunds, claiming it was only 50% of what they had initially paid.

  1. Aggie Lal

Aggie Lal, a travel influencer from Australia faced backlash for some of the same reasons listed above. Aggie who has 858k followers on Instagram promised her fans a lesson on ‘How To Grow Your Instagram’. She charged around $500 saying “I wanted the price to be a little ‘painful’ so it feels like an investment and will discourage people who are not serious about blogging as their future to participate.”

The promotion which took place in 2018 and was 12 weeks long fell apart. Lal vanished after uploading six weeks’ worth of videos, saying she was ill and had internet issues. That’s not all, most of the lessons in the videos had participants selling the influencer’s products.

She later apologized saying, “anyone who felt disappointed in the whole situation can get a full refund” – after she was called out, she started refunding her students.

  1. Caroline Calloway

Caroline Calloway is another name on the list. At the start of 2019, the Instagrammer was called out for messing up a creativity workshop she had planned. Calloway who loves wearing flower crowns and writing about her time at Cambridge University, charged her fans and students hundreds of dollars to organize the workshop.

The classes were canceled, venues were changed and the people who attended the workshop complained about not getting their money’s worth, claiming they were scammed.

Caroline who has 722k followers on Instagram, took this backlash in her favor and started the workshops again but this time calling them ‘The Scam’. Despite all the backlash, she received her following saw a steady increase.

  1. Yovana Mendoza

There is no shortage of healthy diet content on the internet. But it does not mean everyone offering advice has your best interests at heart. In this case, Yovana Mendoza, a young dietician who goes by the alias ‘Rawvana’ was caught lying to her followers after she was seen eating fish while promoting the raw vegan lifestyle to her followers on Instagram and YouTube.

In order to address what had happened and to calm her angered fans, Mendoza issued an apology video, explaining how she was instructed by her doctor to include meat and eggs in her diet because the raw vegan diet plan was making her sick.

  1. Olivia Jade

Olivia Jade was one of the people caught in the college admissions bribery scandal. The influencer is the daughter of actress Lori Loughlin and designer Mossimo Giannulli. In March this year, it was reported that they had paid $500,000 to USC (University of Southern California) to get Oliva and her sister Isabella enrolled.

Olivia was already a social media star with 1.4 million followers on Instagram and her own YouTube channel was doing very well. However after the incident, she faced a massive backlash from her followers with people calling her a fraud and cheater, she also lost her sponsorships with Estee Lauder and Sephora.

  1. Marissa Fuchs

Marissa Fuchs who goes by the name of fashionambitionist on Instagram, left fans shocked and in love with the proposal her boyfriend Gabriel Grossman (now husband) had setup. A live scavenger hunt/proposal led her from a Flywheel class to the Hamptons, to Miami and to Paris, where she eventually tied the knot. The proposal seemed like a fun adventure as people praised her husband with #WheresGabe trending all over the internet.

However, it was later revealed that is was all just one big marketing stunt. Soon after Fuchs lost her position as director at Goop. Although she claims she had no idea about the proposal and had nothing to do with any of it.

  1. Johanna Emma Olsson

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Travel blogger Johanna Olsson was called out for photoshopping her images from her trip to Paris last year. The images were heavily photoshopped, where she edited herself on a bridge and photoshopped the background in another picture because the restaurant didn’t give her a table with a view.

  1. Natalie Schlater

While on vacation in Bali, Swedish model Natalie Schlater posted a photo of her looking over a field of rice where a farmer was working with #humblebrag.

“Thinking about how different my life is from the man picking in the rice field every morning,” was the caption under the photo.

She immediately changed the caption to ‘misunderstood’ after receiving harsh comments from her followers, calling her ignorant and narcissistic. She quickly turned her account to private with her current follower count at 6k.

  1. Sarah McDaniel

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Sarah McDaniel is a model who has 1.4 million followers on Instagram. She also has a rare eye condition called heterochromia iridum, a condition that creates a difference in the colors of the iris.

The 24-year-old was criticized by her father who called out her fake condition. StyleCaster, who published an article about Sarah’s eyes, posted an editor’s note after receiving comments that her claims were false.

However, McDaniels insists her condition is real and that she developed it a few weeks after she was born.

  1. Belle Gibson

An Aussie influencer, Gibson is one of the first Instagram influencers called out for scamming. The self-proclaimed wellness influencer amassed a huge following and launched her own clean healthy eating app –  The Whole Pantry. She claimed her healthy eating habits had helped her cure a wide range of cancers and a brain tumor.

She immediately started getting platforms to speak on where she talked about how she fought them. She also released a cookbook modeled on her app and said all donations will be going to charity.

At the beginning of 2015 rumors began to surface that the $300,000 she had promised to give to charity was not paid. This left her followers and fans furious demanding an answer, to which the Instagrammer replied she had been diagnosed with cancer.

However, in April of 2015, she admitted to faking her struggles with cancer. She was ordered to pay $410,000 in a fine by a court in Melbourne.

And this wraps up our list of 10 web celebrities and influencers who got called out for scams and taking things too far. If you have any suggestions for this list or have a tip for us to cover, feel free to leave a comment below.

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