Guide to Instagram shoutouts: The What, Why and How of IG Shoutouts

No matter which industry you’re in, be it fashion or décor, it is highly likely that social media platforms like Instagram play an important part in your business.

Social Media Examiner reports than more than 73% of marketing managers use Instagram as a platform to communicate with customers. This is because Instagram provides individuals a plethora of opportunities when it comes to marketing, such as running paid ad campaigns and leveraging Instagram influencers.

Shoutouts on Instagram are an important instrument when it comes to marketing on the platform. This article will seek to discover the art and science behind an Instagram shoutout.

What is an Instagram Shoutout?

Essentially an Insta Shoutout or IG Shoutout is one individual promoting another individual on their profile.

An Instagramer basically uses his account to post content that contains the photo or mention of another individual.

In business shoutouts, an individual’s post might contain a video or photo promoting a specific business.

In most instances, shoutouts fall under the subset of influencer marketing, a trend that has over the years picked up at a rapid pace in the marketing industry.

Types of Shoutouts on Instagram

Paid Shouts

The company pays a famous influencer to promote its brand in exchange for cash or free products or services. This is the most common type of Insta shoutout.

Shout for Shout

This shoutout is a mutual agreement between two influencers, who agree to both give each other a shoutout on their profiles.

Voluntary shoutout

The best type of shoutout, but very rarely seen, this happens when a customer is very happy with your product or service and give you a shoutout without expecting anything in return.

Now, your Instagram shoutouts vary according to your goals and objectives

So, for instance, if you are a photographer and you want to promote your brand you would ask someone to include a photo of your work in their shoutout. Conversely, if you are using the platform to sell a computer, you might send it to the promoter and ask them to make a video review of the product and promote that.

Examples of Instagram Shoutouts

In this instance, Carl Thompson, a famous model for clothing brand Hawkins and Shepard is acknowledging and appreciating the Chelsea boot from ECCO Shoes.

The main aim of the post is to sell these shoes and Carl also calls users to head over to his blog to find out more about the company.

Since this post has a #ad tag this means this was a paid shoutout.

ECCO probably paid him cash or offered him free shoes. They could have also done both depending on how much Carl charges.

Shortout post without product photo

In certain situations, a visual presentation of your product or service doesn’t have to be present in the Instagram content post. In this example you see famous traveler Angela Liggs promoting a Bluetooth tracker with the help of a picture she took on her trip to Patagonia.

She talks about how the product helped her during the trip and then asks her followers to head over to the company page.

Shoutout post for more followers

One benefit of using an Instagram shoutout is that you can get more followers. Canon is a fantastic example, Photographers that use Canon cameras can use the hashtag #mycanonstory in their captions.

Canon then subsequently uses these pictures and posts them on their own platform by quoting the photographer and talking about the shooting details of the picture.

This campaign leads to a win-win for both Canon and its followers.

Using Instagram Stories for Shoutouts

Through Instagram stories, users have a lot of levy to get creative with their shoutouts.

Knowing your audience is key in understanding the best Story style and content to post.

Jess Fay a famous fashion model on Instagram recently gave a shoutout to The Pink Lily Boutique by posting a picture on her Story, wearing their blouses.

She talks about the blouse in the video, why it feels good and what the company offers. She also offers suggestions of what fashion style goes best with the blouse.

Sending your partners’ free samples of your products and services is a great way to promote yourself.

Jenni and Mimi a food nutrition company gave Crock-Pot a shoutout because the Crockpot Express Crock helped them prepare a meal.

There isn’t much in this shoutout, it has a picture of beautiful food with a simple text but it succeeds in accomplishing its objective of promoting Crock-Pot.

How to get more out of your Shoutouts on Instagram

There is no one right way to get the most out of your shoutout on Instagram, however, there are certain guidelines and practices that individuals should always follow.

  1. Choose the influencer wisely

Not vetting your options carefully can lead to a lot going wrong.

If for instance, you are selling a computer, you wouldn’t get too many costumers for your product by promoting it through a food influencer.

You need to make a proactive effort to see and analyze the profiles of your potential partners in order to choose the right influencer. Some important things to look at are

  • There number of followers

Sticking with micro-influencers that operate in your market niche. You need to keep in mind that the more followers an influencer has the more they will cost.

  • The type of content on their profile

What is the potential partner posting? What type of content is it? Do they match with your brand values and target market? You need to ask all these questions while shortlisting potential partners.

  • What is their engagement

While the number of followers is a good yardstick you also need to the amount of engagement on posts influencers get. The more engagement an influencer gets, the better it is in terms of your product or service promotion.

  1. Build a relationship with your partner

Rather than asking someone who is not familiar with your product to promote it, allow them to check it for themselves first and then comment. This helps influencers vouch for your integrity better.

Engaging with the partner’s post is another good way to stay in touch with and have them believe in your product and service. Give them personalized comments and gifts to build a better understanding with them.

  1. Have a meaningful conversation with the influencer

You will find the comment feeds of a lot of famous influencers littered with “S4S” comments. However, the proper way to approach a partner is to write up a good well-versed proposal and send it to them through a direct message or email.

Your pitch will have a lot more weight and you can through these messages or emails be completely be transparent of who you are and where you see the relationship going.

Instagram Shoutout Apps

Specialized Instagram shoutout applications such as Shourtcart or NeoReach can be really helpful if you have a good budget.

Through the applications pre-vetted influencers you can have your content promoted with the right Instagrammers with the right target audience.

The applications allow you to message influencers privately in a message and discuss details. These platforms can end up being real-life savers if you don’t have the time to spend hours on shortlisting partners yourself.

Is buying Instagram shoutouts worth it?

Social media marketing is a commodity these days and Instagram shoutouts provide you a great opportunity to promote your brand.

While individuals might think that paid advertisements are worse then organically promoting your brand, this isn’t always true.

If you carefully select who you talk to and work with, paid Instagram shoutouts can help expand your brand image, build trust with new customers and lead to greater sales.

Getting the same results organically would require a lot more time and effort.

Just make sure you do it right and avoid fake or shady partners. You also need to make a proactive effort in ensuring that you pick the right individual to partner with.


With the help of such Instagram tactics, you can grow your brand substantially and increase your firm’s overall profitability.

It might not be that easy to properly execute shoutout campaigns at first but once you get used to it, Instagram shoutouts are a fun and engaging way to increase your overall brand reach.

Remember to be careful in picking your partners though at in rare instances such campaigns might backfire.

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