6 Tips to Choose the Best Influencer Marketing Agency

Looking to hire a good influencer marketing agency? Here are 6 tips to help you find the best!

Influencer marketing has become a must-do part of any advertising strategy for any brand or company. However, promoting your goods and services on social networks can either bring amazing ROI or turn into a crippling burden for the company’s marketing department.

Finding the right bloggers and influencers, negotiating the terms of advertising, making sure they do their assignment in the right way and get their payment on time can translate into hundreds of work hours and tons of disappointment if not done right.

Given all the challenges, it is no wonder many brands seek to outsource these tasks to dedicated influencer marketing agencies and focus on their core businesses instead.

However, then comes the next question: how to choose the best influencer marketing agency and make sure that they are qualified enough to run your campaign successfully. Below are six critical criteria that will help distinguish real experts in influencer marketing from amateurs.

  1. Experience in influencer marketing

As influencer marketing is not an entirely new trend, marketing agencies with relevant experience have an extensive portfolio of influencer marketing case studies in various industries. The first point should always be to request prior marketing campaigns’ data.

  1. Influencer Selection and Evaluation Criteria

New entrants join the ranks of influencers every day, and there is hardly any niche left that is not covered by them. However, as the industry is maturing, to run a successful campaign, it is not enough to find someone who creates content relevant to a particular industry.

Thus, the right influencer marketing agency should have a comprehensive set of tools to be able to evaluate influencers and their content and choose those that will fit the brand and produce the required engagement.

At the very least, a marketing agency should be able to analyze the makeup of an influencer’s audience to make sure that it is shared with the brand’s target audience; to evaluate the share of sponsored content in their news feed and score the organic performance of their posts, like number of views, comments, and shares.

Notably, some posts of an influencer may do better than others, just as with the content created by a company itself. Thus the agency should have the tools and methods in place to evaluate the overall performance of influencer content and score the efficiency of the campaign after the content goes live.

  1. Measuring the performance

Measuring the efficiency of an influencer marketing campaign is not an easy task, as organic influencer content reaches around 9% of an influencer’s follower base. It means that counting one impression for each follower would lead to a gross overstatement of the content performance.

Thus, choosing the right marketing agency, it is vital to make sure that they can report on true views of the content and also have business metrics in place to measure how the campaign correlates with sales. Advanced measurement methodologies used by the agency will provide a clear picture of the campaign’s outcomes.

  1. Optimization Strategy

An influencer marketing campaign can be optimized, just like any other type of digital marketing. The right agency should be ready to fine-tune anything, from post types and content to targeting and schedules. Such adjustments will maximize the performance and help achieve better results from the campaign.

  1. Guarantees

Most agencies will hardly be able to guarantee a certain number of sales resulting from an influencer marketing campaign; however, they should be able to ensure specific outcomes, like traffic to the customer’s website or an estimated number of views and engagements. Apart from that, it is worth knowing what remedies are available to the brand if the target metrics are not met.

  1. Copyrights

Finally, the property rights to the content created within the marketing campaign are something to be clarified before entering into a partnership deal with an agency. Brands usually put a lot of time and effort into creating branded content; thus, it is always good to get a perpetual license to reuse the content on any platform.

Choosing a marketing partner is not an easy task as the majority of agencies offer a standard set of services and look pretty much alike. However, asking the right questions and knowing the critical criteria to be considered, should allow you to find the best influencer marketing agency for long term collaborations.

If you have any other tips, questions or queries about choosing influencer marketing agencies, share them with us via the comments below.

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